What does that mean?

The basic idea behind the flipped classroom concept is that what traditionally occurs in the classroom (i.e., lectures, examples, etc.) is done completely online for the kids to view at home, and class time is used for homework and project based learning.  Lessons that are viewed online are used as a springboard, so that class time can be used to engage more deeply with the content for higher order thinking skills.  Students  use class time to practice skills that they would have previously done as homework, except now they have the teacher beside them for expert help and differentiated learning.  No offense Mom and Dad, but your algebra is a bit rusty!  In a traditional classroom, the teacher is, for the most part, at the front of the room lecturing to the middle.  The flipped classroom gives teachers the ability to maximize teaching time and meet each student where they are.  What do students think of the educational revolution?


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